Source: Xinhua

Aerial view of Xiongan New Area

Photo taken on April 26, 2017 shows the scenery of the county seat of Xiongxian of the Xiongan New Area, north China's Hebei Province. (Xinhua/Yang Shiyao)

The Xiongan New Area, sitting at the center of a triangular area bordering Beijing, Tianjin, and Baoding, will span Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin counties in north China's Hebei Province. The Xiongan New Area will cover around 100 square km initially and be expanded to 200 square km in the mid-term and about 2,000 square km in the long term.

Xiongan New Area preparatory committee announced recently it would call for international bids to plan and design the Xiongan New Area. Global companies are welcomed to bid with their ideas for an initial 30-square-km area at the first stage. Specific plans on administrative control were also welcomed.

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