Source: Xiongan.gov.cn

Baiyangdian depicted in long scroll painting

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A 20-meter-long scroll painting depicting the Baiyangdian was recently completed by a noted artist Wang Fuzeng of the Xiongan New Area, north China's Hebei Province.

''I feel so proud to be a local of the new area, and I have been thinking about creating a scroll painting of Baiyangdian for years,'' said Wang.

Wang was born in Xiongxian county, near the Baiyangdian.

Out of strong passion and deep love for his hometown, he started to work on the scroll painting in late 2017.

After 30 days of hard work, he completed the art piece and proudly named it Splendid Baiyangdian.

The painting depicts early Autumn scenery of the Baiyangdian.

With more than 140 small lakes and covering 360 square kilometers, Baiyangdian is known as the "pearl" of the North China Plain.