Sail toward the rising sun of the new era

Sail toward the rising sun of the new era

    --the official website of the Xiongan New Area, China

Screenshot of the official website of Xiongan, China

The Xiongan New Area sits at the center of a triangular area bordering Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei's Baoding, next to the Baiyangdian wetland where nine rivers converge. As the construction of the new area begins, its official website "Xiongan China" goes online on schedule.

The establishment of the Xiongan New Area is a major historic and strategic decision crucial for the millennium to come. It is on a mission to create an exemplar of world-class city cluster in China. The official website, a new platform that combines the functions of website, television, radio, and newspaper, has undertaken the responsibility of preserving the moments of our times and showcasing the new area's image.

Screenshot of the official website of Xiongan, China

We've worked hard day and night to build the website amidst much anticipation for "the city of the future", providing the impetus of "Internet Plus" for the new area. It is a task entrusted by history and opportunity bestowed upon us. As time marches on, the only way to get ahead is to keep improving.

We are born onto this vast land brimming with opportunities; we are rooted in a profound cultural heritage dating back thousands of years; we are the Xiongan New Area online. The desire to serve the New Area is in our genes. The official website is the primary online channel to know all about the New Area. It is the most authoritative platform of government affairs. It is the main window to present to the whole world the new concept and new features of the New Area's development.

A spectacular scene is unveiling in the Xiongan New Area. As the online window connecting the New Area to the world, we are fortunate to be living in this new era full of dreams, so that we're able to present with passion the "China power" that stays true to the mission. As the new area's bridge linking you and us, we are fortunate to be living in this new era of wisdom, so that we're able to eliminate the distance of space and time with technology. As a participant and recorder of Xiongan's development process, we are fortunate to be living in this new era full of youthful vigor and are able to compose a passionate movement with dedication.

Time never stops moving forward. From this moment on, we work for your every visit, every liking and every sharing; we draw strength from your every search, every enquiry and every suggestion. There's a vast world out there for us to explore. We will embark on the new voyage of our era with a spirit of perseverance to achieve new glory of history with intrepidity.

The dawn is breaking; the trumpet has sounded. Xiongan is China's Xiongan, the world's Xiongan, as well as our Xiongan. As President Xi Jinping said, "happiness comes out of diligence." The construction of the Xiongan New Area is destined to become an epic poem of diligence. Let's grow together with Xiongan, hold onto the striving spirit in our nature, and live up to the expectations of the era and our youth. 

Official website of Xiongan, China

Feb. 23, 2018