Xiongan Management Committee to move to Public Services Centre

By Liu Xin, You Fang

The construction of the Xiongan Public Services Centre is nearly finished and the Xiongan Management Committee will move to the centre soon, the official website of Xiongan, China reported lately.

First engineering project nearly finished

The Xiongan Public Services Center, occupying 24 hectares in Rongcheng County, is the first engineering project in the area since its establishment was announced by the central government on April 1, 2017.

Intelligence and green highlighted

Its building materials are prefabricated and assembled, with minimal impact on environment. The construction speed was two to three times that of a regular project. In building the Xiongan center, workers reduced construction waste by 80 percent.

With investment from China Xiongan Construction and Investment Group Co. Ltd., it is built with forward-looking plans and high standards, and it is regarded as a model for the engineering projects of Xiongan New Area.

Charging piles are quite attractive in the south of the Xiongan Public Services Center. No gas stations will be visible and public transport will be highlighted in the new area, according to the group.

Traditional Chinese culture displayed

Traditional elements of Chinese culture are displayed. The center, like Beijing's Palace Museum, features architectural symmetry. In addition, it presents Chinese architectural wisdom like overhanging eave and corridor in design.

Sponge city begins to take shape

Roads in the Xiongan Public Services Center are all built of water-permeable bricks. There are no architectures underground, but reservoirs and sewerage systems, said Zhao Long from China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

"The 'sponge city' projects are aimed at collecting and purifying rainfall. They help realize zero-emissions of rainfall and waste water, thus developing into a self circulation system," Zhao added.

No walls or entrance gate

There are no walls or entrance gate in the center, which embodies the spirit of open space and sharing.

The project can provide office space for 3,000 people and lodging for 500 people in the future .

Advanced technology applied

In 1,000 hours, the main structures of the Xiongan Public Services Center were completed.

"Xiongan speed" is created.

"Xiongan Speed" serves "Xiongan Quality", while the latter requires a "transparent Xiongan" system based on big data, according to an official with the China Xiongan Construction and Investment Group Co. Ltd.

The "transparent Xiongan" system, designed especially for the construction of the Xiongan Public Services Center, can help managers learn about the progress of construction whenever and wherever possible.

Even a steel beam can be identified regarding its date of production and installation by scanning the QR code on it, the official noted.