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Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei join hands to promote eco-friendly solutions

Beijing and its neighbors Tianjin and Hebei province are showcasing their achievements in regional cooperation and integrated development in a variety of industries at an ongoing high-tech fair in Beijing.

At this year's China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, also known as CHITEC, which got underway on Thursday and will last through Sunday, the three regions have set up a special exhibition area to promote a batch of projects featuring integrated innovation and industrial cooperation.

Beijing, as the host city of the annual event, is sharing the latest technologies and business modes in high-tech industries, showing its leading role in the sectors and its distinct advantages as the country's tech innovation hub.

The industries cover new-generation information technology, integrated circuits, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, intelligent equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy smart vehicles, new materials, artificial intelligence, software and information service and technological services.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei exhibition area is highlighted with an array of exhibits focused on energy efficiency, clean energy and use of recycled resources.

Among them are technologies used for intelligent garbage classification, an online air pollution monitoring and warning system, a wireless control system linking LED street lamps and the internet of things, and an intelligent, leakage-free energy pipe network using IoT technology.

The Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center and its Tianjin peer will host a forum on low-carbon technologies during the fair on Friday, to promote eco-friendly tech solutions and green development in the region.

Participants will include government officials, leaders of trade associations and experts from research institutes, as well as representatives of more than 100 companies.

Experts will discuss Beijing's policies on new energy, green lighting and clean production. Also, business representatives from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province will share their successful stories about using energy-efficient and low-carbon technologies at the forum.

Another highlight of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei exhibition area is an agricultural promotional event held on Thursday.

The event explored the credibility of agricultural businesses and the standardization of systems to ensure food safety in the region.

During the event, participants exchanged insights into such issues as new opportunities brought by the regional integrated development policies, solutions to strike a balance between economic growth and ecological protection, transformation toward sustainable growth, product quality and good faith in business operations.

CHITEC provides an ideal platform for Beijing to showcase its innovation resources, such as expert talents, research institutes, high-tech businesses and investment capital, organizers said.

Positioning itself as the country's hub of technology and innovation, Beijing aspires to play a leading role in developing high-tech industries, local officials said.

The city's three science parks - Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City and Future Science City - and the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area serve as crucial venues to realize the goal.

To further that ambition, a themed exhibition section dedicated to the parks and zone is attracting increasing attention for their state-of-the-art technologies, introduction of prudential policies designed for high-level professionals and budding entrepreneurs of high-tech startups, and promotion of major projects industrializing research results.

This year's CHITEC consists of 16 themed exhibition sections and 12 promotional events, with 17 trade delegations from 14 countries and regions including the United States and Canada.