China urges U.S. to keep promise on trade issues

BEIJING, May 30 (Xinhua) -- China here on Wednesday urged the U.S. side to keep its promise on bilateral trade issues, and act in accordance with the spirit of recent joint statement.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks when commenting on the latest statement by the White House on Tuesday saying that the United States will impose a 25 percent tariff on 50 billion U.S. dollars of goods imported from China which contain industrially significant technology. The final list will be revealed by June 15, according to the statement.

Hua said that the relevant U.S. statement is obviously contrary to the consensus reached between the two sides in Washington not long ago.

She said that in international relations, going back on one's word is a loss and squandering of the credibility of one's country.

"If the United States persists in its willfulness, the Chinese side will take resolute and effective measures to safeguard its own legitimate interests," said Hua, reiterating that the Chinese side did not want to fight, but it was not afraid to fight a trade war.

She said that China has consistently advocated handling and settling economic and trade differences in a constructive manner through talks, which is in the fundamental long-term interests of the two countries and the two peoples, and the common aspiration of the international community.