Humanities competition held for Chinese high-school students

BEIJING, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- A nationwide competition testing high school students' knowledge of humanities concluded in August, according to its organizer.

The competition, which ran for more than five months, was organized by the popular current affairs magazine China Comment under Xinhua News Agency.

Nearly 20,000 students took part. About 300 got through to the finals, which produced 32 winners who received scholarships from the organizer.

The students were tested on their knowledge of current affairs, humanities and social sciences, traditional Chinese culture, and revolutionary culture, among other topics. It also assessed their logical thinking, expression, and creativity, according to the organizer.

The competition was praised by parents and teachers, it added.

This was the first time China Comment has hosted such an event. The magazine's deputy editor-in-chief Wang Yongqian said the competition will become an annual event to raise the level of humanities among high school students in China.