Q&A of Xiongan planning publicity

June 29 (Xiongan Official Net) -- For nearly a month, Xiongan Design Center has become a hot spot. Why? Of course because of the plan publicity!

Now, the publicity period is drawing to a close. What are the hot issues people are concerned about? Are there any answers you need?

01. What are the differences between the start-up area and the initiation area?

A: The start-up area is virtually the main area of Xiongan, where the main functions of the new area are collectively arranged. The total planning area is approximately 198 square kilometres.

The initiation area is part of the start-up area, with a planning area of 38 square kilometers, which is the initial construction area of Xiongan New Area. The initiation area bears the heavy responsibility of evacuating the first batch of Beijing non-capital functions, gathering high-end innovation elements, leading high-quality development and presenting the prototype of the new area.

02. What do the start-up area and the initiation area look like in the future?

Let' s see the photos and videos!


Start-up Area. (Photo/Planning and Construction Bureau of Xiongan New Area)

Panoramic view of initiation area. (Photo/Planning and Construction Bureau of Xiongan New Area)

Panoramic night view of initiation area. (Photo/Planning and Construction Bureau of Xiongan New Area)

Rendering night view of initiation area. (Photo/Planning and Construction Bureau of Xiongan New Area)

Initiation area. (Photo/Planning and Construction Bureau of Xiongan New Area)

Initiation area. (Photo/Planning and Construction Bureau of Xiongan New Area)

Initiation area. (Photo/Planning and Construction Bureau of Xiongan New Area)

03. What does the future transportation look like in the start-up area?

The start-up area in the future will build a transportation modal that highlights the public transportation, within which walking and bicycle transportation act as the main body. Green travel ratio will reach 90%. The overall road network density of the start-up area will be controlled between 10-15 km/km².

Rail transportation - Shixiong intercity railway crosses the start-up area, and lays down underground the east-west axis, with Xiongan intercity station and reservation station. These stations intertwine with urban group center, station and city developing together. Urban rail, public transport and slow-moving traffic are assembled to create a station-city integrated green transportation hub.

04.What's new about the bus in the start-up area?

A: The bus in the start-up area can achieve point-to-point connection dependent upon everyone's needs through mobile phone applications and the intelligent bus system. The arrangement will no longer be the original single route, or single stop.

05.What does the future transportation look like in the initiation area?

An intercity station locates within the initiation area, mainly responsible for intercity transportation to Beijing. According to the "overall plan", the station will enable Xiongan to achieve 20 minutes to Beijing Daxing International Airport, and 30 minutes to Beijing and Tianjin.

In the future, if people take intercity railway to Xiongan, they will notice that high-speed trains do not appear on the ground level but zigzag through the underground level in the initiation area,which means that the station will be connected with surrounding buildings through underground spaces.

Most of the private cars are new energy vehicles no matter whether you choose to purchase or to rent one in the initiation area.

06. How would you arrange the living space in the initiation area?

The initiation area would consider the citizens' needs and encourage diversified residential patterns. The aim is to build diversified housing systems, such as supporting apartments and ordinary housing, to strengthen diversified and mixed use of buildings.

07. Which projects will be constructed in priority?

The 38 square kilometers' initiation area contains the fourth group and west part from the fifth group of start-up area. Infrastructure facilities, environmental facilities and public service facilities will be put into construction first. Within the public service facilities, Beijing supports Xiongan New Area with contracted way to build three schools and a hospital, which will be constructed firstly.

08. Which theme parks are planned in the initiation area?

In the initiation area a series of theme parks have been planned which contemplate the current natural resources of pit pond, river system and forest, including a pit pond park, a financial island water park, an urban comprehensive park in the central green valley, and an ecological dike park near Baiyangdian Lake.

09.What does Xiongan dream team mean?

Over the past two years, thousands of designers from all over the world have chased, rallied, thrived and created for the Xiongan New Area planning formulation and are dubbed as "Xiongan dream team".

SOM&TLS participate in the design of initiation area. (Photo/Liu Shihao)

10.Where is the "Dayingudian" ?  Will we restore it in the future?

The "Dayingudian" is also known as Dawangdian. Floods often occurred in the Qing Dynasty, and emperor Yong Zheng followed the suit of Da Yu, cutting the northern water source, so "Dayingudian" turned from sterility to plough.

According to the overall plan, Xiongan New Area will take advantage of a low-lying central area, restore the "Dayingudian" in the history, and combine the sponge city construction to create harmony between wetland and city.