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Yes! You can admire lotus in Xiongan and night view in Hong Kong in a day!

Recently, the high-speed railway from Xiongan to Hong Kong has been opened to traffic.

It means that we can take train G305 from Baiyangdian Station to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station at 11:44 a.m. every day.

We can also return to Xiongan from Hong Kong every day by train G306 at 9:48 a.m.

Just over 9 hours. That's so convenient!

Fuxing Train G305 from Xiongan New Area to Hong Kong West Kowloon is launched. (Photo/Zhang Bin)

Passengers are checking in for the first train to Hong Kong.

What a lively scene it is!

Not only because passengers are coming and going, but also because three new faces appear at Baiyangdian Station!

One robot speaks Mandarin, one speaks Cantonese, and one speaks English, and they can all sing and dance!

A lot of people are attracted.

"It's getting more and more convenient to live in Xiongan!"

"Praise for this welfare! "

Many passengers can't help praising Xiongan New Area in front of the camera.

The beautiful scenery will no longer be out of reach in the future.

Victoria Harbour (One of the world's top.3 night views)

Victoria Peak (The highest peak of Hong Kong Island)

Disneyland (China's first Disneyland)

Avenue of Stars (A must for movie lovers)

Ocean Park (Winner of Asia's First "World's Best Theme Park" Award)

Mong Kok (Real life in Hong Kong's urban areas)

Lantau (Hong Kong's largest outlying island)

Lamma Island (Glamorous and colorful)

Temple Street (Old street with lively night market)

In the future, these delicacies are easy to obtain.

Are you eager to try it out?

Let's go!

Wait, there's one more important thing to say.

Take this train to Xiongan!

And you are most welcome to Xiongan New Area!

(Xiongan Official Net composited from Hebei Fabu Wechat)