Meet Xiongan | Fall in love with Xiongan in just an hour

Have you seen the 24-hour of Xiongan?

The sun rises at Mao moment between 5 am and 7 am;

The chirping cicadas hide in the trees at Wu moment around noon.

Remember the heavy rain at Shen moment between 3 pm and 5 pm,

And clouds gather into magnificent scenery at You moment between 5 and 7 in the afternoon.

From dawn to dusk, from daybreak to twilight.

Every time interval has its own charming scenery,

But Xiongan' s night view is the most beautiful.

The night view of the streets of Xiongan New Area. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

Maybe you will fall in love with Xiongan in just an hour.

"Xiongan, here I am" (Photo/Wang Jingzhuo)

The color of night, the elf of midnight, has a unique character in every city.

The night view of the streets of Xiongan. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

Walking in the streets of Xiongan, have you ever stopped to observe the city?

The night view of Ronghe Tower, Xiongan New Area. (Photo/Ma Mengdi).

The rainbow shaped bridge, the shining street lights.

Ronghe Tower stands in the night view bright and prosperous.

The night view of Baiyangdian Avenue. (Photo/Mao Heran)

The night view of Xiongzhou memorial archway in Xiong county, Xiongan New Area. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Staying with a hazy night view,

The memorial archway of Xiongzhou wiped a whole day's tiredness,

And whispered a peaceful life to you.

Xiongan Citizen Service Center. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

The night view of Xiongan Citizen Service Center is so different from other places,

Like a powerful kernel of a computer, vigorous with amazing technology.

An ancient place with a long history, Xiongan,

Is perfectly converted into a most modern one.

The moonlight in Xiongan Citizen Service Center. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

When the night comes, everything clams down.

The array of stars draft you out of trouble.

Looking up at the starry sky. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

But they shine and beat with the developing era,

Falling asleep and looking forward to the dawn.