A bookstore you must visit in Xiongan, where the 24 hours can be interesting

August 9 (Xiongan Official Net) -- Check the calendar, and you will find that not even half of the summer vacation has passed.

Where shall I hang out tomorrow? What can I do tomorrow? It is boring to sleep at home.

Don't worry! There is a popular bookstore with 5G high speed Internet access and air conditioner available in Xiongan. And most importantly, you can enjoy a streamline reading procedure which allows trinity of borrowing-reading-buying.

This is Xinhua bookstore in Rongcheng County, Xiongan New Area.

This is Xinhua bookstore in Rongcheng County, Xiongan New Area. (Photo/Gao Qian)

This Xinhua bookstore is different from traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores because it uses 5G, IoT and many other elements of new technology to make a first 24-hour 5G intelligent bookstore in Xiongan New Area.

24-hour 5G intelligent bookstore in Xinhua bookstore, Rongcheng County, Xiongan New Area. (Photo/Gao Qian)

You can have access to the intelligent room through photo ID and facial identification.

The bookstore uses data collection and a self-help system to create a convenient environment in which members can register, borrow, purchase or return books easily.

Data collection and self-help system for borrowing and returning books. (Photo/Feng Junlong)

The 24-hour intelligent bookstore has achieved 5G coverage, and it has the following merits: high speed, more bandwidth, and decreased latency. 5G network is ten times faster than cable broadband connection.

Xinhua bookstore in Rongcheng County. (Photo/Gao Qian)

The bookstore takes advantage of loT technology. Every book here is attached with designed chip to help them with the self-borrowing and returning system and to realize book localization.

The intelligent bookstore has more than 2000 bestselling books in 10 categories. (Photo/Feng Junlong)

The intelligent bookstore covers more than 2000 bestselling books in 10 categories such as classical literature, modern literature, children's books and reference books, etc.

Are you excited?

Come and visit.

Furthermore, we have also prepared a special "Xiongan" booklist for you, which you cannot find elsewhere.

01. Planning Outline for Hebei Xiongan New Area

On April 1st, 2017 CPC central committee and the state council announced the establishment of Xiongan New Area. Planning Outline for Hebei Xiongan New Area was published to the society on April 21st, 2018.

This book analyses the planning system of Xiongan, and answers concerning questions about Xiongan New Area from the masses and society. It represents the window to understand Xiongan.

02. Millennium Plan

This book analyses the significance of setting up Xiongan New Area, the factbox of Xiongan and the important missions for Xiongan New Area from different perspectives.

03. Red Stories of Xiongan

Red Stories of Xiongan contains three parts: Plain series, Taihang series and Baiyangdian series. This book attracts readers in the form of comic strips, including classical red stories: "Fierce Fighting", "The Gunshots Over the Plain", "Little Soldier Chang Ka-tse".

04. The Story of Baiyangdian Lake

"The Story of Baiyangdian Lake" written by the prominent writer Sun Li has laid the foundation of the "Hehuadian" School in the literary world of New China, and the book contains such titles as "Hehuadian" and "Luhuadang".

The book reproduces the struggle life of the people in the Central Plains of Hebei during the Anti-Japanese War, and has created many well-known figures, showing the human nature of pure beauty, and expressing people's aspiration for a peaceful and better life.

05. Xiongan Memory

"Xiongan Memory" has sections of Baiyangdian, Xiong County, Anxin, and Rongcheng. Rich in photos and historical materials, it presents Baiyangdian's history and the cultural heritage and historical heritage of the three counties.

It interprets Xiongan's historical culture, beautiful environment and broad prospects from different aspects, and brings people both historical memories and modern thinking so as to help them better understand the great real-life significance and far-reaching historical significance of the establishment of Xiongan New Area.

06. Glamour Xiongan Series

The beauty of Xiongan derives from its natural landscape, monuments, humanities and food; the magnificence of Xiongan roots in Xiongan people's inspiration and devotion to the society; the goodwill of Xiongan originates from the simple and consistent customs.

This series of books consists of three parts: "Xiongan Beauty", "Xiongan Magnificence", and "Xiongan Goodwill", which introduces the history, geography, culture, customs and other characteristics of Xiongan New Area, depicting a picture of Xiongan style from three perspectives including beauty, magnificence and good will.

There are so many Xiongan related books to satisfy you during the "Summer 24 hours".

See you! I am going to do some reading.