Meet Xiongan| Which flavor do you miss?

Memories about hometown flavors,

Are the hidden family affection,

And the simple and long lasting home taste.

"Eight bowls" (Photo/Hu Lantao)

This taste is represented by mundane routines,

And daily necessities.

It is hard to find in cities.

"People beside the lake -- kidult" (Photo/Li Hui)

People are used to describing life as mixed emotions,

Because they know taste adheres to hometown memories.

What does Xiongan taste mean to you?

Does it mean simmering fish soup or fragrant lotus leaves,

Or sweet lotus nuts, or crisp lotus roots?

"Stew fish in a large pot" (Photo/Hu Lantao)

"Pluck lotus seedpods" (Photo/Zhang Xuenong)

"Ripe lotus seedpods" (Photo/Chenwei)

"Harvest season" (Photo/Hu Lantao)

Every grain in migrant workers' luggage is about love.

"Sun-dried lotus leaves by the lake" (Photo/Fu Yongtai)

"Lotus leaves drying under the sun" (Photo/Hu Lantao)

No matter how far away you are from home,

Every time you taste the home dishes,

Felicity emerges.

"Lotus root picking season" (Photo/Zhao Ruiguang)

"Pick Lotus root" (Photo/Li Yongguang)

This taste cannot be explained by words.