Such Scenery belongs to our hometown as well as our path back home

Hometown memory is a concern of Chinese families for thousands of years.

Du Fu, a poet from Tang dynasty, described homesickness as "Dew turns into frost since tonight;

The moon viewed at home is more bright".

Zhang Ji, a poet from Tang dynasty wrote down "I want to send a letter back home but go through emotional turmoil".

Homesickness is also the "white snowflake" ,"bright colored Malus spetabilis" in Yu Guangzhong's poem.

Water county Wang Jiazhai. (Photo/Song Yili)

In Xiongan, hometown memory is different.

It is a few branches of peach blossom;

It is golden reeds swaying everywhere in autumn breezes.

Baiyangdian Lake with beautiful spring scenery. (Photo/Hu Lantao)

Autumn of Baiyangdian Lake is the most charming. (Photo/Hu Lantao)

Hometown memory,

Is thousands of acres of green lotus in summer,

Or snow-covered wharf and frozen lake in cold winter.

Water path full of fragrant lotus. (Photo/Zhang Xuenong)

Baiyangdian Wharf in snowy winter. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Hometown memory,

Is also an old tree which carries memories of the long past,

Or an old house we always think about.


An old man sits in the shade of an old tree. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)


Wang Deliang's old house built in 1898. (Photo/Li Xin)

"Mountains and rivers block the sight of the traveller looking back home."

Our memory reminds us unexpectedly of our hometown.

We follow the trails of boats going through the old boat lock,

All the way to Fuhe River Wetland.


Anzhou Township, Anxin County, the boat lock on Fuhe River. (Photo/Li Hui)

We follow the way to the old wells and trees,

And chase our dreams to Bright Moon Temple.

The ancient cypress tree in Bright Moon Temple. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)


An old well in Bright Moon Temple. (Photo/Wang Jingzhuo)

We follow the mottled red walls of Song-Liao Ancient War Road,

To the raging battle flames everywhere in the Song dynasty.


Song-Liao Ancient War Road. (Photo/Li Hui)

The old gates, the old grain supply center, and the old stone lion,

Which look simple and mediocre,

Are a representation of Xiongan hometown memory.


The 100-year-old house in Ximasan Village, Zhaili Township. (Photo/Li Hui)


The old grain supply center in Zhangshi Village, Dahe Township, Rongcheng County. (Photo/Li Hui)

Gone through things,

In the tough times,

It is our hometown that attracts us the most.

Xiongzhou Memorial Archway of Xiongan New Area. (Photo/Song Yili)

Baiyangdian wooden boardwalk is radiant with sunlight. (Photo/Song Yili)

The sunset glow on Baiyangdian Lake reddens the sky. (Photo/Fu Yongtai)

So many times you stand in the sunset;

The sunlight lengthens your shadow.

At that time,

You open your arms,

And embrace the hometown memory.