Meet Xiongan | It's a great joy to be with you!

Between sunrise and sunset,

It's the most vivid time in Baiyangdian.

The folks on the riversides start their work,

And happily sweat with sunrise.

Groups of visitors come to enjoy the pleasant time.

There are more than ten ospreys on the small fishing boat. (Photo/Li Hui)


Those are what we call ospreys,

They follow the fishermen to the lake,

Ready to hunt.

When they are working, they are swift as lightning.

When they are not, they majestically hold their heads high.

Ospreys and an old man. (Photo/Li Hui)

At the little bow,

There are more than ten cormorants,

Waiting for the fisherman's order to catch prey.

It's never an overstatement to nominate them,

Baiyangdian "Best Human-Animal Cooperation Award".

Play with the ospreys. (Photo/Zhang Xuenong)

And those wild migratory birds that come here,

To live, forage, nest and breed,

Are like a bunch of elves.

They enjoy their time in Baiyangdian,

And unconsciously embellish the place with vitality.

White geese on the edge of Baiyangdian. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

The long-legged Oriental White Stork,

Is a national protected animal,

Which has a name with a "fairy air".

Its beak is long and hard, and it moves slowly.

The way it strolls gives you a feeling of experiences.

The national protected animal--stork. (Photo/Management Office of Baiyangdian Wetland Reserve in Anxin County, Xiongan New Area)

The adorable Whiskered Terns,

At the end of July,

These hungry chicks happened to be caught on camera.

Baby whiskered terns waiting to be nursed. (Photo/Zhao Keqi)

They held their heads up, and opened their beaks wide,

Waiting for food that the adult birds brought back.

Baby whiskered terns waiting to be nursed. (Photo/Zhao Keqi)

Whiskered terns are similar to seagulls,

But live in freshwater areas,

Their integration with Baiyangdian is just right.

The lake is bright, therefore everything is alive.

With the continuous improvement of the ecological environment and the revitalization in Baiyangdian,

More and more rare migratory birds,

Enjoy their comfortable life here.

Flying birds. (Photo/Li Yongguang)

The Eurasian spoonbill,

Is a national second-class protected bird.

According to the relevant research data,

There are fewer than 1000 Eurasian spoonbills in China.

Very precious.

On March 22 this year, staff observed and photographed 13 Eurasian spoonbills,

In a lotus pond in Baiyangdian Lake.

This is the largest number of this species observed and shot by Baiyangdian Wetland Reserve Management Service in recent years.

National second-class protected birds, Eurasian spoonbills. (Photo/Qi Ming)

The Crested Lapwing,

Is about 30cm long.

There are long black feathers on the top of its head.

The male bird has a green metallic sheen.

The abdomen is covered with white feathers.

It's like a well-dressed guy heading to a party.

A Crested lapwing is walking on the shore. (Photo/Management Office of Baiyangdian Wetland Reserve in Anxin County, Xiongan New Area)

The Purple Herons,

Are large wading birds.

Their legs, necks, and toes are long.

They are good at walking in the water.

A purple heron with a long neck. (Photo/Management Office of Baiyangdian Wetland Reserve in Anxin County, Xiongan New Area)

The Eurasian Coot,

Good at swimming,

It likes living in large areas of still water,

With aquatic plants, and nesting in the dense grass,

That is not high from water, or in the rice fields.

Glance of an Eurasian Coot. (Photo/Management Office of Baiyangdian Wetland Reserve in Anxin County, Xiongan New Area)

Some of these birds have lived in lakes for generations.

Some migrate from afar for breeding.

Hebei provincial protected birds--Little Egrets. (Photo/Qi Ming)

Better ecological environment,

Is the result of people's efforts in governance.

That more and more precious "elves" choose to come to Baiyangdian is the recognition of these efforts.

Baiyangdian Pier. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Blue-green and water-city interweaving,

Lush vegetation, gulls flying together,

A magnificent picture of the harmonious coexistence,

Of human and nature is showing up.

The future of Baiyangdian will be better!