Where do we go during the National Day holidays? Xiongan-Shijiazhuang travelling route is waiting for you!

Sept.30 (Xiongan Official Net) -- National Day is approaching, and many people are looking for beautiful attractions nearby. They want to take a both edifying and relaxing trip. A tourist route around Xiongan has already been made. Come with us to experience this different tour.

Red tour

Xiongan New Area (Xiong County-Rongcheng County- Anxin County)-Zhengding County-Shijiazhuang urban area-Jingxing County-Pingshan County

This route connects many red culture and education bases in north China and is a classic self-driving route of red tourism in Hebei Province or China as a whole. In terms of travelling time, it can meet the needs of a road trip of 2-5 days for tourists from Beijing, Tianjin, Baoding, Langfang, Cangzhou, Hengshui and other places. This route, along which is beautiful, breathtaking scenery, mainly includes highways, provincial trunk roads, and mostly mountain roads in Pingshan area.

Key tourist sites

Memorial Hall of "Wild-Goose Guerrillas" in Baiyangdian Lake, Zhengding Ancient City, Mount Cangyan Scenic Area, Baoduzhai Scenic Area, Xibaipo Scenic Area.

Memorial Hall of "Wild-Goose Guerrillas" in Baiyangdian Lake

The members of "Wild-Goose Guerrillas" are magic soldiers. They are swift and secretive. After 70 years, this folk song is still on, and the spirit of "Wild-Goose Guerrillas" is still shining. During the Anti-Japanese War period, the invading Japanese army used to build dozens of bunker gun buildings near Baiyangdian, and made frequent sweeps over the villages.

In 1939 the "Wild-Goose Guerrillas", an anti-Japanese team, was founded. They destroyed the gun turrets, killed the enemies and traitors, and fought bravely to defend their homes with fearless heroism. And their appearance made the Japanese pseudo-military near Baiyangdian scared.

Nowadays, standing in the memorial hall, we track back to history, and feel the raging war. We can understand deeply that the red spirit made of lives and blood deserves our recognition.

Zhengding Ancient Town

Driving along Tiyu Street, the main road of Shijiazhuang City, all the way north to the wide Zilong Bridge, you can see the spectacular Zhengding South Gate. Looking north on the tower, you can see the ancient streets, ancient buildings, ancient temples and pagodas, and you'll be fascinated by all this ancient charm. Gazing into the distance, you can get a panoramic view of commercial buildings, residential buildings, green parks, the city's central axis and the skyline.

Mount Cangyan Senic Area

Mount Cangyan is located in Jingxing County 50 kilometers southwest of Shijiazhuang, with a total area of 63 square kilometers and a height of 1039.6 meters. It is a famous historical and cultural mountain in China. It is also a national key scenic spot, and a national 4A class tourist area. As the core scenic spot of Mount Cangyan, Fuqing Temple is listed as a key cultural relic protection unit in China.

The landscape of Mount Cangyan is rich and colorful. It has craggy rocks, deep valleys, and ancient trees, which compose a strange, quiet, beautiful and natural landscape. With its long history and outstanding architectural art, Fuqing Temple, a thousand-year old temple, has formed a fantastic and spectacular humanism beauty, which has earned Mount Cangyan a reputation of "best mountain of Taihang".

Baoduzhai Senic Area

Baoduzhai, with the former name of Baodu Mountain, is a national 4A tourist attraction. To its east is the Hebei plain and to its west is the Taihang Mountain. The four sides of the mountain are sheer cliffs, which makes it an adventurous trip to climb the mountain. Seen from afar, Baoduzhai Mountain looks like a sleeping Buddha with recognizable eyes and eyebrows. The top of Baoduzhai Mountain is flat and is about 660 mu (Mu is an area measuring unit in China) in area. The soil is fertile and the layer of soil is about 66 meters thick. With its distinctive landscape, luxuriant vegetation, unique and pleasant scenery, it has the reputation of "paradise dreamland, paradise on earth and paradise beyond the world".

Xibaipo Scenic Area

Xibaipo is located in the middle of Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, with a total area of 16,440 square meters. It has the reputation of "New China has come from here" and "China's destiny is determined in this village". It is also one of the holy sites of China's revolution, a national key cultural relic protection unit and a national 5A tourist attraction.

The Former Site of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Memorial Hall, the Garden of Monuments, the Site of the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh CCCPC and all the other scenic spots are well worth a visit. Each scenic spot seems to be telling stories of all the Chinese people supporting the People's Liberation Army, and the army and the people united to overcome difficulties in pursuit of revolutionary victory and the liberation of the whole of China. (Composited by Xiongan Official Net, Photo/Internet)