Meet Xiongan |Sea of flowers in Xiongan is splendid! You cannot miss it!

Do you know the recent "Xiongan flower sea" ?

It has become a hot word among Internet users.

"Flower sea park" is a must visit place for visitors in Xiongan.

How beautiful is that?

What would it be like to enjoy autumn walks in the sea of flowers?

Come and see!

From aerial view, this park separates flower fields by side walks.

The picture seems like a blooming lotus in Xiongan.

From aerial view, the flower sea park seems like a blooming lotus. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Let me tell you a secret: this flower sea park with lotus design as the composition element is located west of Rongxiang Street, Rongcheng County, Xiongan New Area.

Blossom of the flowers in the park. (Photo/Mao Henran)

Under the sun, an area of flowers display energetic vitality. (Photo/Wang Yunqiang)

There is yellow flowers everywhere which stacked on top of each other.

Warm and hot, as far as the eye can see.

Small yellow flower buds stretch out, how cute! (Photo/Mao Heran)

Newly mature Heixin flowers is absorbing the sunlight and stretching its parts. (Photo/Wang Yunqiang)

Only a glance of the small and delicate flower, our heart will leap again and discard bad mood.

Bees work on the Liuhua flowers. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Bees fly from flower to flower, frolicking and gathering honey. (Photo/Wang Yunqiang)

Through which the butterfly will follow you,

And bees will land before you,

Gathering the "fruits" of this autumn.

In the flower sea park, all kinds of flowers are in full bloom. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Although at the moment,

Without the lush green of summer,

But all the flowers that bloom add a different kind of beauty to autumn in Xiongan.

Tourists come to the park to enjoy the flowers. (Photo/Mao Heran)

In the evening, people walk in the park to admire the flowers and enjoy the sweetness brought by the flowers. (Photo/Zhang Tianhui)

Spare time, with three or five friends,

Come and visit the park,

What a treat!

The flowers in the park are being nourished by the dew. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Flowers nearby,

After receiving the water dew,

Appear to be more colorful, charming and dazzling.

Blooming zinnia, petals layer upon layer, very gratifying. (Photo/Mao Heran)

Full effort blooming zinnia, is enjoying people's appreciation. (Photo/Mao Heran)

This is the power of life,

This is the power of upholding.

Overlooking the flower sea park from a distance, yellow into the main tone, a warm feeling of autumn in my heart. (Photo/Mao Heran)

The field of flowers is a sea of colorful flowers. (Photo/Mao Heran)

"Ten views garden, hundred flowers field",

"Millennium forest, ten thousand hectares of waves",

Xiongan is growing and reaping.

Look! Those Liu hua flowers is quitely blooming in the flower sea. (Photo/Wang Yunqiang)

The meadow of pure and fresh flower, tender green, give a person a kind of natural feeling that returns pastoral. (Photo/ Mao Heran)

Such beautiful scenery, do you want to come?