Meet Xiongan丨Boat sailing!

Boating on the blue waves, seeing clouds right over us.

March 25, 2018, in the sunset, Baiyangdian fishermen are fishing. (Photo/Mao Heran)

This is the romance of Baiyangdian inhabitants,

Memories hide in there.

Boats are reliable company, travelling with us year after year.

At sunset, people came back from rowing. (Photo/Mao Heran)

In the past,

People on the central island relied on boats for commuting.

They departed at sunrise and returned at sunset,

Rowing their boats, humming songs, and carrying a few ospreys.

A Baiyangdian fisherman casting a net. (Photo/Zhao Ruiguang)

Picking lotus, cutting reeds, fishing and marrying.

Those trifling matters or important things cannot finish without boats.

A small boat skims over the water through the four seasons,

Swinging into the hearts of Baiyangdian inhabitants.

Water wedding in Baiyangdian. (Photo/Zhu Kunlun)

Boats in Baiyangdian are witnesses to history,

Telling the changes through time.

When boats come across snow, Baiyangdian turns into a silent breathtaking white world. (Photo/Mao Heran)

For thousands of years,

People here perfected boat functions with superb skills.

The boats protected Baiyangdian inhabitants with their hulls.

In Baiyangdian Lake, boats line up by the shore. (Photo/Song Yili)

When the Wild-Goose Guerrillas fought for their homeland,

Boats contained their spirits and resisted the enemies with them.

The narrow hulls carried warriors through gun fire,

Sought for the enemy's flaws, and broke the enemy's blockade.

Now, boats in Baiyangdian have new missions,

But they stay true to the mission.

On the wharf is a beautiful picture of green vegetation against blue sky. (Photo/Wang Jingzhuo)

Day after day, they line up and welcome tourists from all over the world.

They listen to the boatmen tell stories of the Wild-Goose Guerrillas and Xiongan New Area again and again.

Guards on the lake. (Photo/Li Hui)

September 2018, staff took a boat to clear aquaculture from the waters of Baiyangdian Anxin County. (Photo/Zhang Bin)

But the boats are no longer like what they once were.

Wide asphalt roads have taken the place of waterways.

There is less demand for traditional wooden boats.

In their place are galloping motorboats.

Boats travel on Baiyangdian Lake. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

But the spirit of wooden boats is still there.

Generations of Baiyangdian people inherited the art of shipbuilding,

Guarding the memories of their ancestors.

They stay true to their mission,

And never forget to keep pace with the times.

They worked out a new way out of shipbuilding with an innate strength.

They created a large shipbuilding company that combines design, development and manufacturing.

They made ships sail out of their home to the world.

A fisherman casting the net perfectly. (Photo/Hu Lantao)

You can see a boat riding the wind and waves.

For many years, people keep hearing a spell "Sailing".

Boats in Baiyangdian also set sails in the sea of time.

People finish picking lotus roots and return by boat, full of joy of harvest. (Photo/Hu Lantao)

They are sailing out to the bright future with hope.