Meet Xiongan丨Obsessed with the talented skills!

Baiyangdian is fabulous all year round.

And it is particularly fascinating in late autumn.

Late autumn, Baiyangdian reeds shine like gold. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

Covered by autumn reeds,

Baiyangdian Lake is a sea of golden color,

With strips of green water across it.

Turquoise dotted with gold, along with the blue sky.

What an intoxicating view!

Large areas of reeds flutter in the wind, which looks very magnificent. (Photo/Hu Lantao)

"Pick a bunch of white reeds,

And roll the memory into a narrow long string",

This is the reed flower in writer Sun Li's works.

It's also the reed flower in Baiyangdian Lake.

Baiyangdian in autumn has yellow reed leaves and white reed flowers. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

In the season of flying reed flowers,

The fluffy reed catkins are as white as snow,

And as soft as clouds.

This is the dreamlike "white snow of flying reed catkins".

White reed flowers are flying in the autumn wind. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

White reed flowers are flying in the autumn wind. (Photo/Ma Mengdi)

In the season of bright yellow and snow-white,

Many people's memories are carried by reed weaving.

As described in the novel "Lotus Creek". (An ingenious novel written by Sun Li).

"The woman was sitting in the courtyard, her fingers tangled with silky, slender reeds. The thin, fine strands leaped and twisted in her arms."

In the afterglow of the sunset, women are weaving mats. (Photo/Hu Lantao)

The reed strips in people's skillful hands seem like spirits.

Flying up and down,

The disorderly strips soon become a variety of baskets and mats.

An old lady is concentrating on weaving mats. (Photo/Zhang Xuenong)

In the 1930s and 1940s,

Almost all the Baiyangdian people,

Men and women, old and young,

Could weave baskets or mats with reeds.

Yang Fuchun's Fishing Memorial Exhibition Hall is filled with fishing gear. (Photo/Li Hui)

In the early winter of each year, after harvesting the reeds,

People sit in the courtyard and start weaving.

The sun shines on their faces while reed strips leap in their hands.

The children are playing while the elderly are laughing.

Such scenario can't be more familiar.

In the warm sun people are weaving reed baskets happily, reed strips flying through their hands. (Photo/Li Hui)

Grandfather and grandson are weaving together. What a harmonious picture! (Photo/Li Hui)

Baiyangdian's reed weaving has a long history.

During Tang and Song Dynasties,

Baiyangdian mats were paid to the imperial court as tribute.

The seemingly complicated procedures are well mastered by the reed weaving artists. (Photo/Zhang Xuenong)

A woman works by the lake, waiting for the ship full of reed poles to return from afar. (Photo/Fu Yongtai)

Now reed weaving has turned from the production of daily necessities to the production of mainly handicrafts.

The reeds, which live in water, have a stunning way of living in the hands of the artists.

A lifelike reed painting. (Photo/Wang Lipeng)

Baiyangdian reed painting inheritor Yang Bingjun's work, " Painting of a Lady of the Dukedom of Guo Going on a Spring Outing." (Photo/Wang Yongkang)

Yang Bingjun, the inheritor of Baiyangdian reed painting, is making reed paintings. (Photo/Wang Jingzhuo)

Green reeds are thick and dense; Clear dews become frost thence.

Baiyangdian people are weaving endless fairy tales with their skillful hands.

Time flies so rapidly.

Majestic Xiongan is coming through the happiness of weaving and going towards a bright future.