Meet Xiongan| The spirit is great!

Xiongan New Area has profound cultural heritage,

Unique martial genes have been embedded in the soils,

There are many stories related to martial arts.

A competition happens in the martial arts school. (Photo/Li Hui)

The martial arts masters who have worked hard to train the next generation, smiling in front of the camera. (Photo/Li Hui)

Every time when they mention Chen Zizheng, Hao Enguang and others,

We are proud of them.

These martial arts masters are famous not only for their reputation,

 But their invaluable spirit that keeps influencing their hometown people.

As a national intangible cultural heritage project,

Eagle Claw Fanzi Boxing emphasizes coupling hardness with softness.

What is most fascinating is the spirit when they attack.

Chen Guixue, the inheritor of Eagle Claw, shows his demeanour in every move. (Photo/ Li Hui)

Chen Zizheng, the founder of Eagle Claw Fanzi Boxing, was a world-famous martial arts master.


The front of Chen Zizheng's old house. (Photo/Chen Jia)

In addition to his martial arts, his old house has also become a spiritual heritage and label of Xiongan after the care of his descendants.

Nanzhang Village is a traditional martial arts village, whose school of martial arts is "Foot-Poke Boxing" taught by Wei Luofang.

In leisure time besides farming,

The martial arts fans in the village will get together to compete and learn from each other.

The elderly people will pass their experience to the young by means of oral instruction and rote memory.

Firstly "No aggression for fight",

Secondly "No tease of innocence",

Thirdly "No instruction on bad".

This is the message from ancestors,

And the belief that descendants should uphold.

Zhao Beikou "Shaolin Association" was established during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, which has a history of over 300 years.

At present, Shaolin Association is a non-profit martial arts training institution which was established with the funds raised by President Li Heli and his brothers.

It also provides a free place for children who love martial arts to practice for free.

Children train in the woods. (Photo/Li Hui)

Look at the children,

Strong pose, with fist and kick,

Is the pneumatic combination,

And flowing spirit of the blood.

Five Tiger Meeting in Beizhang Village, Nanzhang Town, Roncheng County was initiated from the Qing Dynasty by Li Yunhua.

It has been passed down for nearly 200 years,

Every character has its own way of martial performance,

Including Heihu Quan, Shangchangliutui, Bazhe Quan, Xiaohong Quan, Dahong Quan, and Shitangliutui.

A photo from "Five Tiger Meeting", the older generation always stand by their side with care and hope. (Photo/Li Hui)

Today's Five Tigers,

Volunteer to perform during festivals,

and start martial arts classes in schools,

Under the leadership of current President Zhao Minpeng.

If you enter Beizhang Village,

You will feel different culture.

The smile and hope from the villagers,

Represents full spirit and passion.

"With or without shape, with or without meaning",

"True meaning hides behind meaninglessness".

Every day, Gao Yuguo, descendant of Gao's Xingyiquan, practices in the same woods, at the same time, in Zangang Town, Xiong County.

The descendant of Gao's Xingyiquan, practices alone, with enormous effort. (Photo/Li Hui)

From his point of view,

Techniques can be sharpened in practice, but it is hard to understand the "meaning" of it.

To promote Xingyiquan,

Gao Yuguo takes the responsibility and never stops.

Anxin fire fork originated in the Qing Dynasty,

And the Qu family as the main inheritance,

Among them,

Successor Qu Chengzhang is known as "the king of flying forks".

The performer is very vigorous. The fire fork is like a dragon flying in the air. (Photo/Li Hui)

The performer dances with both hands,

The steel fork flashes in the air,

flickering and shifting like a dragon.

On the top of the head, around the chest, back, and waist.

Very impressive!

What a magnificent sight!

The performer is practicing, and the back-staged practice makes wonderful achievement. (Photo/Li Hui)

Time flies!

Many excellent martial learners come from this hometown,

Thousands of years' tradition sways in reeds and blue waves.

The reeds ripple and the sky is clear. (Photo/Lin Yuying)


ShaoLin Association and Kungfu schools still exist, and martial arts lovers are still there.

The ancient traditional martial arts have become the root and soul of Xiongan people holding them together.

A young man who is practising Eagle Claw Fanzi Boxing never slackens off on the way to inheritance. (Photo/ Ma Mengdi)

Appreciating literature and upholding martial arts,

Is the special characteristic of Xiongan.

It's also where Baiyandian's glamour derives from.