What’s the specialty of Baiyangdian in autumn? Stewed fish is yummy!

As the weather is cooling down in autumn, in order to prepare for the coming winter, many people eat nutritious food in the autumn to strengthen their bodies. Among a large variety of ingredients, fish which is both fresh and delicious is a good choice. Fish is rich in protein, and low in fat, and it contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can regulate blood lipids and prevent cardiovascular disease. In this season, grass carp in Baiyangdian is fat and tender, and now is the perfect time to eat fish. Buy a couple of grass carps, cook a pot of Baiyangdian stewed fish and enjoy it with family members. The fish stew will be both tonic and warm.

Different lakes raise different species of fishes. Baiyangdian lake is broad in scale, rich in produce, and it has luxuriant lotus and reeds. Baiyangdian fish is a composition of the fragrance of lotus and the scent of water. Baiyangdian fishes live in the wilderness, which makes its meat especially delicious. Add scallion, ginger, garlic, pepper, vinegar, soy sauce proportionally into the pot, bring to a boil, simmer the fish for two to three hours over low heat until the sauce thickens, the taste can emerge.

Baiyangdian stewed fish appreciate the overall effect, whether it is taste or vision. Therefore, when cooking fish, chefs will not cut the fish into pieces completely. No matter how large the fish is, they will only piece the fish back to let the ingredients penetrate in the flesh. They will burn dry reeds of Baiyangdian to heat the traditional large iron pot. In this way, the taste of the fish can be natural. If they add some chicken head stalks into the pot, the taste can be more wonderful.

The stewed fish is exquisite, and the Baiyangdian people also eat the fish carefully. Baiyangdian stewed fish has to be served with corn cakes, and a combo of the fragrance of fish and the tenderness of corn cakes is wonderful.

(Composited by Li Pengyu, Xiongan Official Net, Photo/Internet)