Meet Xiongan丨Trace back to the affection of reed farmers and Baiyangdian nostalgia

Reeds in Baiyangdian turn light and dry in winter,

And it is the season of harvesting.

Photo/Hu Lantao

In ancient times, the saying "a field of reeds is worth a field of gold" prevailed in Baiyangdian.

In the past, people worked on reaping reeds and weaving reeds for generations.

Reed weaving is the pillar industry of Baiyangdian and the most primary source of income.

Photo/Hu Lantao

We might not be able to tell the differences between hundreds of reed fields,

But farmers know which field belongs to themselves.

Photo/Mao Heran

Reed reaping is a physically demanding job.

Holding sickles in their hands,

Farmers cut the reeds and bundle the stalks efficiently.

Photo/Mao Heran

Photo/Mao Heran

Photo/Mao Heran

Reed reaping is not an easy physical job.

Reed farmers need to wear thick cowhide shoes and thick canvas gloves.

However, the reed stubble is as sharp as knives,

And very soon their gloves will be cut and their shoes scarred.

Photo/Mao Heran

The reeds that are immersed in water weigh much heavier than usual,

Each bundle must weigh at least a hundred pounds,

But farmers can carry them easily.

Photo/Mao Heran

Photo/Mao Heran

Busy shadows are reflected in the lake.

In the setting sun,

Boats pass by now and then,

And the reeds in the boats,

Are gold and heavy.

Photo/Mao Heran

Photo/Mao Heran

In the depth of winter,

Ice thickens in the lake.

It is time for farmers to reap reeds on the ice.

Photo/Zhao Ruiguang

The surface of Baiyangdian lake will ice up.

On such cold days,

Farmers' boats will still go across the lake,

Making a "click" sound.

Photo/Fu Yongtai

Reeds are perennial herbs.

They grow as leeks.

They will grow more vigorously in the year after harvest,

But if you don't harvest them annually,

They will grow very badly.

Besides, rotten reeds will pollute the water in Baiyangdian lake.

Farmers are well aware of these truths.

Photo/Hu Lantao

So even if people become wealthier nowadays,

They will still invest time and effort in reaping reeds,

Whether it is extremely cold or stormy,

Just because they love Baiyangdian lake.

Photo/Hu Lantao

Photo/Hu Lantao

Baiyangdian as well as the time is witnessing the deep affection.