Meet Xiongan丨Let’s go sledging

 In a lotus blossom summer,

Baiyangdian people use boats to go across the lake.

What about in bitter winter?

It is time to introduce "Baiyangdian sledge" !

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

Baiyangdian sledge is a transportation used on ice.

It can also be called ice bed, ice car, or drag-bed.

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

This kind of sledge is simple in structure and easy to make.

Its upper part is a rectangular wooden frame,

With a plank of wood spread on top, like a bed board.

The sledge can either carry cargo or passengers.

At the bottom are two long sticks wrapped in iron bars

Which directly contact with the ice, also known as skates.

(Photo/Chen Wei)

(Photo/Chen Wei)

To use the sledge we need to rely on a cleverly designed long pole.

The lower end is an iron spear with a hook on the inside.

The spear can pierce smooth ice and push the sledge forward.

You can also hook the sledge and drag it along.

It is very convenient to use the pole for both purposes.

(Photo/Chen Wei)

The hook can do more than moving the sledge.

Once the ice breaks, someone falls into the water.

People can both use it to save themselves and others.

This is the wisdom of Baiyangdian people.

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

In winter, the surface of Baiyangdian Lake is risky but charming.

The locals can identify the safety level,

According to the color of ice and the sound of stepping on it.

(Photo/Chen Wei)

For Baiyangdian people,

The sledge is one of the best tools,

For travelling, transport, marrying or playing.

(Photo/Chen Wei)

Zha Shenxing, a poet in the Qing dynasty,

Once passed Zhaobeikou, Anxin on a sledge,

And expressed that the sledge is safer than the boat.

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

Sun Li also mentioned Baiyangdian sledge in his article:

'The woman stood at the back of the sledge, holding up the pole.

Women are good at propelling sledges..."

In winter, reaping reeds on ice is the tradition of Baiyangdian.

The sledge is the best assistant of farmers.

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

In the coldest time of winter, the wind is bleak.

The reeds meander as far as the eye can see.

Farmers cut the reeds cleanly, and quickly make them into bundles.

In a few minutes,

The sledge is loaded with a large batch of reeds.

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

(Photo/Zhou Xiaoling)

Golden reeds sway with the wind,

White snow glitters,

And sledges go through the reeds.

The site is picturesque.

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

The little sledges are not technically difficult to propel.

They gradually become children's toys.

Look, in the warm winter sun,

Ice splashes, which is children's fun.

Childish words and laughter, spread among clouds.

(Photo/Chen Wei)

(Photo/ Zhou Xiaoling)

(Photo/ Zhou Xiaoling)

(Photo/Zhou Xiaoling)

Often people ask,

"What is Xiongan nostalgia?"

Reed marshes are nostalgia,

Childhood memory is nostalgia,

The sledge is also nostalgia.

(Photo/Hu Lantao)

It melts into life,

But we can recall it in a flash.

It carries stories,

And also consolidates happiness.

(Photo/Chen Wei)

Let's go sledging in Baiyangdian!